Jazz (kitchensink13) wrote in luna100,

"Nail Polish" (Luna/Theo, G, 100)

Title: Nail Polish
Characters or Pair
ing: Luna/Nott, if you squint.
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Challenge: Blue, for luna100 .
Author's Notes: Also at my fanfiction/fic rec blog.

Luna balances her small hands with longer-than-average nails. Each is carefully filed - the muggle way, for precision - to a rounded point. Luna has always found that muggles know far more about nail care than wizards. When Nott buys a bottle of navy blue polish for her birthday she is grateful. They sit cross-legged on the greenest grass at the edge of the lake, and Nott paints each nail carefully. His hand is much larger than hers, and he is surprisingly adept at applying nail polish. Luna grins for him as she waits for her nails to dry.
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Hmm... I'm squinting, all right... and seeing the Slytherin son of a Death Eater being very involved with a girl who spends so much time hanging out with Gryffindors she might as well be one.

The drabble is otherwise well written, but I'm afraid I have to give a big THUMBS DOWN to the pairing. Sorry.
Thanks for the review/critique. :)