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Past Challenges

When submitting anything to the Suggestion Box please keep in mind that the following have already been challenges.

LAST UPDATED ON: June 2nd, 2008

Challenge One: The Roaring Lion Hat
Challenge Two: Luna and Her Mother
Challenge Three: Reading Upside Down
Challenge Three Point Five: Luna In Love
Challenge Four: Animals
Challenge Five: Luna and her Wand
Challenge Six: Electricity
Challenge Seven: Mistletoe
Challenge Eight: Valentine's Day
Challenge Nine: Searching For Crumble Horned Snorkacks
Challenge Ten: Butterbeer Caps
Challenge Elven: Friendship
Challenge Twelve: The Quibbler
Challenge Thirteen: Fingernail
Challenge Fourteen: Flowers
Challenge Fifteen: War
Challenge Sixteen: Larger Than Life
Challenge Seventeen: Icons
Challenge Eighteen: Special Occasion
Challenge Nineteen: Motherhood
Challenge Twenty: Blue Dress
Challenge Twenty-One: Shoes
Challenge Twenty-Two: Ten Years
Challenge Twenty-Three: Colors
Challenge Twenty-Four: Pirate Wizards
Challenge Twenty-Five: Forever
Challenge Twenty-Six: Mr. Lovegood
Challenge Twenty-Seven: Halloween
ChallengeTwenty-Eight: Daughter
Challenge Twenty-Nine: Magic
Challenge Thirty: Tea
Challenge Thirty-One: Music
Challenge Thirty-Two: Christmas
Challenge Thirty-Three: Betrayal
Challenge Thirty-Four: Ravenclaw
Challenge Thirty-Five: "See, even the moon pulls on her silver chain"
Challenge Thirty-Six: Seasons
Challenge Thirty-Seven: Birthdays
Challenge Thirty-Eight: Shakespeare
Challenge Thirty-Nine: Beauty is not all Black and White
Challenge Fourty: Snow
Challenge Fourty-One: Weasleys
Challenge Fourty-Two: The Little Things
Challenge Fourty-Three: The Value of Wit
Challenge Fourty-Four: Summers Away From Hogwarts
Challenge Fourty-Five: Rainbow
Challenge Fourty-Six: The Hogwarts Express
Challenge Fourty-Seven: Family
Challenge Fourty-Eight: Stars
Challenge Fourty-Nine: Honor
Challenge Fifty: Death
Challenge Fifty-One: Choices
Challenge Fifty-Two: Favorite Things
Challenge Fifty-Three: Choas
Challenge Fifty-Four: Masquerade
Challenge Fifty-Five: Zoo
Challenge Fifty-Six: Success
Challenge Fifty-Seven: Moving
Challenge Fifty-Eight: Mythical Creatures
Challenge Fifty-Nine: Candy
Challenge Sixty: Babies
Challenge Sixty-Two: Like A Lost Letter &
Challenge Sixty-Three: Garden Gnomes & Nightmares
Challenge Sixty-Four: Masks & Ninjas
Challenge Sixty-Five: Fairy Tales & Radishes
Challenge Sixty-Six: Marriage & Glitter
Challenge Sixty-Seven: Pie & Revenge
Challenge Sixty-Eight: Pretend & Full Moon
Challenge Sixty-Nine: Bertie Botts & Poison
Challenge Seventy: When Summer Ends & Melody
Challenge Seventy-One: Never Ending & Rouge
Challenge Seventy-Two: Lost In Time & Peppermint
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