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Faith and Fancies

A Sorta Fairytale

Luna 100
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Following the trend of communities such as hermione100 and hp100, Luna100 is a Luna-centric weekly drabble challenge. Challenges will be posted every Sunday.
Links: Suggestion Box | Past Challenges

•Each drabble should be 100 words; must be about the past presentm or future of Luna Lovegood.
•Every week a new challenge will be posted. Post only to that topic, not previous ones.
•There is no age restriction. But we do have a Warning: Read at your own risk don't like what you read? There is a very pretty X on the top right corner. Click it.
•Graphic slash is fine, along with graphic het, any rating *new*
•Crossovers are not allowed.
•All drabbles past the first should be placed under an LJ cut. Please put the following before the cut: title, pairing (if any), rating, and any notes. Please put all questionable content behind LJ cut with a warning.
•You may post up to ten drabbles per week.
•No off-topic posts allowed.
•Lurking is fine; however, you must join to post.

All HP characters and concepts belong solely to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment.

Thyme - pinchofthyme
(mini-mod) Melissa - a_weakness

Email all questions to Thyme (pinchofthyme)

Below is a list of affiliates. Want to be one? Please send an email to the link above, tell me the community name and a link to it. That is all

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